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“The OLEANDER PARTY was, well, in a word: Huge! It was the largest event any of us had ever given. Think Willie Nelson July 4 Picnic, except that it wasn't July 4 and my name isn't Willie. The party went very well and ran very smoothly, but it was at the upper limits of what me, Vicki, our hired help and all our volunteers could handle. Everybody had a great time (none more than me). Thank you all for coming. It was good to see that so many of you survived last week's Rapture!

There wasn't any trouble. Nobody complained because the neighbors were all at the party. No one got hurt except for one person: Me! I got stung by a yallerjacket while I was playing drums with Southbound. I discovered, too late, that there was a small nest in the fishnet on the wall right behind me. The weather cooperated beautifully. The breeze kept it from getting too warm. Some think over 500 showed up, Marcel planned to feed 300 and ran out of beef and pork. Suffice it to say that several hundred people came. Once again, we Bent the Needle on the Fun-Meter - Long Live the Oleander Party!!

There were many, many wonderful dishes brought for the Lavish Buffet. Tanya got fooled by the basket of fake rolls, ha! She's been to several Oleander Parties, and should have known better.

All three of the bands; Southbound, Dreamsicles and Funksion delivered GREAT sets. Galen from the Navigators showed up as well and we did a few things from their setlist, too. I'm proud to have all of you guys as friends. I can't thank you enough. I am the luckiest guy around to be surrounded by such vast talent; great musicians and friends who were willing to come and play. Likewise the cooks and volunteers who gave generously of their time. I owe a lot of people favors that I'm not sure I can repay, but I'm going to try. Hard! Thanks also to all who brought plants. We love each and every one of them. I have a LOT of digging to do.

What makes a great party is, of course, the people. Thank you all for coming, we hope you had a great time. What are you doing next May? We love doing something that brings so much joy to so many. I have just one regret: Since I was playing with most of the bands, I had almost no time to greet each and every person there, or visit much with old friends. This is a problem!

We hope to see all of you back again next year, and see you many times before then. I will collect the pictures and put the best ones on Facebook.” From Andy & The Dreamsicles


Want to help out with next year's Oleander Party? Proceeds from sales of prints will go to Andy & Vicki to help out with next year's event -- Eventually, we'll get these to Facebook but thought helping out towards the party first as proper, eh? :-)

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