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AROUND THE SCENE - A handy check is seeing how well things play out during "off hours". In that spirit, we ventured out and sampled live music offerings during the weeknights and our samples came up “incredibly” good and many of you out there. No surprise... We enjoyed an easy-on-the-ears evening at the Treehouse with Mike Flores & Patty Valencia, tossing darts and the talented Sam Hudley at Sherlock’s, top quality original Texas Country music at Cullen’s Live with the Bryan Shayne Band, and an impressive unplugged evening with Seth Candan and Clinton Ashley at Dempsey’s. An over-the-top find was catching James & Laurie Reese at the Barbed Rose Burger Bar in Alvin.

BEST SOUND OF THE MONTH – The weather was Kemah perfect the other night so we swung by Crazy Al’s Swampshack and discovered Josh & Jeremy from Elevate the Son. These guys have been playing around the San Leon & Bacliff area and turned us onto an evening of David Gilmour, Brooks & Dunn, CCR & The Who--Perfectly dialed in with crystal clear vocals, tasty acoustic padding and a full arsenal of hot lead licks from the sweetest Hot Rod Deluxe I've ever heard.. These guys are on my "good to go" list.

HEART & SOUL - Is probably what happens when parents play Led Zeppelin and Etta James lullabies to their young tots. At least that's our theory and that's the band we caught at Jackie B's, a new stop on the beat. When's the last time you heard a full stack Marshall amp scream? When's the last time you heard a tight LOUD garage band? If you're up for it, this icehouse ready talented bunch hailing from Pasadena & LaPorte.

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