Photos by Andy Eng | 2014 November Fab 40 Revolver
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OVER THE TOP – For five years, we’ve been following this all-volunteer collective of local musicians from across the Greater Houston metroplex. Each year, they come together to recreate renditions of Classic Rock albums from the 60’s -- Having already accomplished Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Pet Sounds, and Abbey Road “it made some sense” as the groups leader, David Blassingame, puts it, for this year to go with “Revolver”, the seventh Beatles Album and number 3 on the updated Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (2012 Updated List) – Not too shabby, eh? If this alone weren’t enough, the show marked the 50th anniversary of the Beatles making their live appearance on the Ed Sullivan show, which good people, was one of the most widely viewed television events in history. The group claims a legitimate reason to rename itself to the Fab 56 with a larger than ever orchestra section this year filling the stage at Discovery Greens. Also filled this year was the viewing lawn which speaks of the following this group has built over the years. Individually, the members of this group possess considerable talent, each enough to front their own performing band and each year, are able to get it together by coming together for the BIG show. Congrats to the band for a job well done!

Reprint from The SCENE, November 2014

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