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"THE COCKEYED SEAGULL 7TH ANNIVERSARY - Earlier in the evening we caught one of Jim Shortt's favorite bands, Ronnie Hall and The Green Onions at Jackie's Brickhouse. Jim would've liked Jackie's. After a fine set of of classic R&B, we roosted the rest of the evening at one of Jim's favorite hangouts, the Cockeyed Seagull to celebrate their 7th Anniversary complete with nonstop music from (to name a few) Greg Wappler (fresh from his recent Hill Country Tour), the Fenton Brothers & Marty Monte, The Edge of Texas, Rick & The Dones, Cisco and jammers. Also this month, we caught some underground tunes from The Last Cigarette & Grizzly. These two bands were playing a Marshall Tucker style of rockabilly with Led Zeppelin undertones overpowering the mural walls in every angle you could imagine. We've these two bands on our watch list and will try to see them again next time around. In a neighborhood where neighborhood bars are rare and those with a great live music SCENE a plus, the Cockeyed Seagull checks off both. Meanwhile out on the patio..."

Reprint from The SCENE Magazine, June 2011 Issue
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