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The SCENE stopped by the 2011 94.5FM Buzz Texas Music Awards and this year, the competition was simply "incredible" -- We've seen many of the bands perform throughout the year and they've been all good. Where are these groups going in 2012? We'll have to wait and see but our hunch is up and out. Congrats to all the nominees and winners.

Band of the Year 2011 THE LAST PLACE YOU LOOK
Best Live Performance of The Year SATURATE
Rock band of the year FROM GUTS TO GLORY
New Band of the Year LOST ELEMENT
Punk/ Hardcore/Indie band of the year BORN FROM RUINS
Metal/Active Rock band of the Year DOWNFALL 2012
Alternative band of the year ADELAINE
Vocalist of the year Dustin Condon - Rain Child
Drummer of the year Casey Bowen - Downfall 2012
Bass Guitarist of the year Brett Cardiff- IDR/South
Guitarist of the year Tim Huston- The Hunger/ Another Day

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