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Nov 14
SUPER WOMEN Expo and Luncheon
10 am-3 pm
Doyle Convention Center
2010 5th Ave. N, Texas City

2 & 9 Fay Picard p Field Representative State Representative Dr Greg Bonnen

35 & 36 Gina Bonvier President, Sante Fe Chamber of Commerce

52, 59, 67 & 69 Sara Pencil Blumenfeld Keynote Speaker

59 Exhibitors

Jointly Hosted by the North Galveston County and Sante Fe Chamber of Commerces.

Keynote Topic - An overview of the methods used by Sara Pencil Blumenfeld, a Personal and Business Coach, to help people make the changes necessary bridging where they are to where they want to be in their life experience. Her methods key on identifying and releasing limiting beliefs and trapped emotions, and how to ask the empowering questions.

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