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I-10 Christmas Bash Rock Houston Calendar Release - Individually, any one of these bands would make for a full show so can you imagine them all at the same place the same night? The Pub Affair (On my list of New Bands of the Year), Dykes On Bykes (On my Outrageous Act of the Year list), South, Born From Ruins (with a cameo appearance from Chris of the Agro Sideshow). We've covered each of these fine groups in the past in The SCENE & respectfully wish to save mention for Another Day fronted by A.D. Rowntree. Most of you listen to A.D. on the airwaves for 94.5FM The Buzz and attend his Sunday evening Texas Buzz shows at the Scout Bar. Many of you will testify that the local Texas live music has flourished with A.D's tireless support. Some of you might even suggest A.D. is amongst the awesomest forces of nature performing on stage -- If you don't, I did--So there... As for the calendar? It's space for the dates is tiny and it's impossible to scribble down the many stops we cover for the SCENE. Instead, it's loaded with the most beautiful pictures (we're partial to pictures) and each month is autographed making this perhaps our most favorite calendar ever. Cheers!

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