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This adventure began as a question to Manny on where to buy good pirate garb for the upcoming Mardi Gras and proved to be quite the memorable event.I've heard of this event for several decades but had never been. Thanks to some persuasive efforts by my good friend, I was able to score a coveted seat on the magic bus....Wow.... What a blast!!! :-)

There were a lot of sights to see and being a rookie, I can't wait to go back. After the jousting, the shadows started to grow making the picture taking a bit more challenging so I was able to take care of the pirate clothes shopping.

The bus ride back was a hoot... It never ceases to amaze me how natural people can act when they see the camera's been put away. <vbgrin>

Thanks to Manny, Amanda, Curt, and all the organizers for pulling this off. And greetings to all the new friends I got to meet

-- Cheers!!!

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