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Over the past decade, the members of the NASA Houston Rocket Club ( website) has hosted countless high school and middle school students from across the southeast Texas region at the Johnson Space Center.

The annual contest (launching a specified number of "astronaut" eggs to a predetermined altitude and return to earth safely) supports teachers with a hands-on approach to learning sciences, mathematics, construction, electronics, and teamwork. A cornerstone goal of the program is to change the declining trend of students pursuing paths in the sciences and technology.

Each year, several area teams qualify for the finals held outside of Washington D.C. including visits to the National Air and Space Museum, and extended workshops hosted by the Marshall Space Flight Center.

Most importantly, a significant number of the participants go an to pursue advanced studies in the sciences & technology as well as gaining the offerings of teamwork in competitive environments.

We will update you with the progress with coverage of local students and schools. Stay tuned.
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