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LARGEST TURNOUT EVER - And that would be the annual Krewe du Lac Toys for Tots Pub Crawl. This year, an extra truck was brought in to handle the outrageously generous haul of toys destined to brighten lives of the most important people of all, the little ones. T-Bone Tom's did a fantastic job hosting the annual kickoff with Andy and The Dreamsicles spinning up the Fun Meter. The Dreamsicles are adding a full up horn section to handle frequent requests for Chicago. Pretty cool, eh? Keep these cats on your 2013 watch list - Should be a blast! Crawlers prevailed throughout Kemah Lighthouse District stopping along at Crazy Al's Swampshack before heading over to the historical Zone 504 and Bakkhus Taverna. Hoo-boy, what a blast! You Folks want in on a secret? Catch the live music acts appearing at Zone 504 as they've a great ear and eye for talent - Typically, bands first appearing on the SCENE at Zone 504 will get discovered and hired out and about on the beat. This time around, we caught Flip Side which pulled it off nicely for the Crawlers. Zone 504 and live music - Watch 'em....

Reprint from The SCENE, January 2013

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