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Hope all you good people out there are having a great holiday season and taking time to enjoy family, friends, and good moments out and about on The SCENE. We've had one fine year hanging out with all of you and like many, looking forward to the better days ahead and a great 2014 but first, lets run down some of the good times we had this past month as we close out the year.

OVER THE TOP - Starting the month of November off with a bang was arguably the funnest and bestest happy hour on the planet and known as SCENEFEST II. I can't get over how smooth this event happened with all fantastic volunteers, outstanding eats & drinks, skilled organizers, tasty eats & drinks, quality vendors, awesome eats & drinks, quality full spectrum live music, and enough eats & drinks to make merry mongers out of everybody who came out many times over. The two live stages shared the Clear Lake Pavilion in harmonious fashion with music touching multiple corners of the spectrum. Perhaps the only way in my mind to make this event any better would be for more seating and making it a week long festival - in due time, of course!

ON THE WATER - After SCENEFEST II we followed the gang to Cabo's for an after party nightcap and some late night munchies. Things were cooking nicely at this popular late night hangout with Obsolete August on the main stage belting out their patented interpretations of popular Americana along with some very cleverly interpreted dance tunes which we've never seen before. Very well done! On the lower stage, we caught a new group recently moved in from Florida calling themselves Alvin and the Sick Punk. With a name like that, you've gotta be good and with that, we enjoyed a set of some cleaver interpretations of classic covers that were surprisingly bright, clever and refreshing. Destination Cabo's - Always a good choice.

BEST MUSIC LISTENING ROOM - Which would be Katie's down in Bacliff and this month, we enjoyed a delightfully entertaining evening with recording artist, Tommie Lee Bradley and the Shuffle Brothers Band. Classy, composed and ever strong on stage, Tommie Lee mixed it up we and the Katie's crowd took in one fine evening of entertainment and in the words of my predecessor, the late Jim Shortt, a hearty 'Bravo!". Hey folks, heads up - Got word that Mark May will be at Katie's on the 20th of December and odds are it'll be a great show as usual and a fantastic chance to catch up with everybody during holidays. Hope to see you there!

DISCOVERY OF THE MONTH -Many of you have probably heard of the local group Rapture. For me, I caught them for the first time a Jackie's Brickhouse and wondering to myself what took so long. I'm pretty positive that my colleague, Rhonda, will be writing more about this cool group and simply wish to mention that in the realm of local cover bands, Rapture takes it to more genres of popular music perhaps as good as, if not better, than any out there. The groups ability to switch with ease between pop, rock, funk, country, blues, and motown all while keeping the audience engaged utmost smooth making Rapture one of the stronger SCENE Party Ready bands happening. Catch them and get your Rapture on!

OPEN MICS - In November, we stopped by the Cockeyed Seagull and Cock & Bull for two great evenings of open mic action. The turn out at the Cockeyed Seagull never ceases to amaze me as there's no telling who will take the stage, a good thing. This year, the Cock & Bull has earned their way into one of my favorite places, along with many of you, to hangout and decompress with friends over a fine menu, superb bar, and easy listening music in the air. Can you say "a perfect setting"? Cock & Bull would be such!

THE GREAT WIDE OPEN - Which is what we have at the remodeled Scout Bar with the higher ceiling, wider stage, and bigger audience area. Very well done! We checked out the new layout twice during November with a *very* good crowd at the Flyleaf show and at the Annual PreThanksgiving Day Show hosted by the Hunger. The audience for Flyleaf was perhaps the most diverse collection of all ages I've ever seen at a Scout Bar show and the ability to get up close to this highly regarded national act is a treat we have with Scout Bar. We arrived at the PreThanksgiving show in time to catch From Guts to Glory heating up the stage and looking as strong as ever. It's been awhile since we heard these cats and they were sounding better than ever. The Hunger took matters up a couple levels turning both Jeff and Thomas loose at the same time on lead vocals and if all this wasn't enough, Taproot stopped by on their 2013 national tour to seal the deal (pretty cool, eh?). Music and entertainment wise, the evening was perhaps the strongest ever in recent Scout Bar history - All of which giving way to perhaps something even better, a night to catch up with old friends from over the years who have been a part making the Hunger's Annual PreThanksgiving Show, a part of their yearly tradition. Never too late - Come make it a part of yours! Cheers!

IT'S A WRAP - Winding up 2013 will be nothing short of a flurry this year. We've the annual Toys for Tot's Pub Krawl coming up along with the annual Texas Buzz Music Awards around the corner. Spending time with friends and family is high up on the list and hope it's the same with you too. We've taken it in the gut with the Texans, Astros, Dynamo, and space flight but flying high with the Rockets, local craft brew, and the finest in places to dine, drink, dance, and take in live music, out there in a place we call The SCENE. All the Best!
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