Photos by Andy Eng | 2013
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2013 November Katie's2013 November Cock & Bull2013 November T-Bone Tom's2013 November Mediterreano2013 November Scout Bar2013 October Papa Bluez Memorial2013 Boogie Blues & Brews2013 October Scoutbar2013 October Cockeyed Seagull2013 October Jackie's Brickhouse2013 October Crazy Al's Swampshack2013 October T-Bone Tom's2013 September Cock & Bull2013 September T-Bone Tom's2013 September Noah's Ark2013 Benefit for Eman2013 September Kozmic Pearl & Nightbird2013 September Jackie's Brickhouse2013 September Fashion Faux Paws2013 September Cockeyed Seagull2013 September Katie's2013 August Cock & Bull2013 August Cockeyed Seagull - Cold Feet2013 August Mark's 60th Birthday2013 August The New Loco Place2013 August Jackie's Brickhouse2013 August T-Bone Tom's2013 August Scout Bar2013 August Dempsey's2013 August Crazy Al's Swampshack2013 August La Brisa2013 I See You2013 July Golden Seafood2013 July GCB Discovery Channel Viewing Party2013 July Will Play For Food2013 July Pod Zu's2013 July Scout Bar2013 July Pier 272013 July Signature Bistro2013 July Outlaw Challenge2013 July Jackie's Brickhouse2013 July T-Bone Tom's2013 July Katie's2013 July Cullen's2013 July Mainly Drinks2013 June Latitudes2013 June Zone 5042013 June Jackie's Brickhouse2013 June Crazy Al's Swampshack2013 June T-Bone Tom's2012 June Scout Bar2013 Fab 40 Discovery Greens2013 June Cockeyed Seagull2013 June Rock The Dock2013 May Armand Bayou Fund Raiser2013 Floyd's 8th Annual Parking Lot Party2013 May Scout Bar2013 May Cockeyed Seagull2013 May T-Bone Tom's2013 May Jackie's Brickhouse2013 May Rogers Bar & Brill2013 May Bridge Over Troubled Water2013 May Spring Silver Eagle2013 May Butler Museum Fundraiser2013 May HLSR Music2013 April St. Patty's Pub Crawl2013 April Scout Bar2013 April T-Bones2013 April Uncorked2013 April Clearlake Crawfish Festival2013 April Fatty's2013 March T-Bone Tom's Paper Football Championship2012 March Pod Zu's2012 March Jackie's Brickhouse2012 March Fatty's2013 March Katie's2013 March Cock & Bull2013 March Moreno's2013 March T-Bone Tom's2013 March Bakkhus2013 March Crow's Cantina2013 March Scout Bar2013 February Claudio & Mattia's2013 February Latitudes2013 February Noah's2013 February Katie's2013 February Dempsey's2913 February Fatty's2013 February Concert For Stephen Arthur2013 February La Hacienda2013 February Cockeyed Seagull2013 February Scout Bar2013 January Dempsey's2013 January Scout Bar2013 January Treehouse2013 January Cockeyed Seagull2013 January Jackie's Brickhouse2013 January Union Tavern2013 January Cabo's2013 January Sherlock's2013 January Texas Buzz Music Awards2012 December Adopt a Family