Photos by Andy Eng | 2012
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2012 December T-Bone Tom's2012 December Scout Bar2012 December Cockeyed Seagull2012 December Katie's2012 December Jackie's Brickhouse2012 December Pod Zu's2012 December Zone 5042012 November Amadeus2012 November Latitudes2012 November College Of Mainlands2012 November Jackie's Brickhouse2012 November T-Bone Tom's2012 November Crazy Alan's Swampshack2012 November Sherlocks2012 November Scout Bar2012 November Cockeyed Seagull2012 SCENEFEST2012 October Rogers Bar & Grill2012 October Signature Bistro2012 October Boogie Blues & Brews2012 October Cockeyed Seagull2012 October Jackie's Brickhouse2012 October Katie's2012 October Fatty's2012 October Scout Bar2012 September Last Minutes from Bikini Wars & Men of Steel2012 September T-Bone Tom's2012 September La Brisa2012 September Union Tavern2012 September Fatty's2012 September Bay Area Bluegrass2012 September Cockeyed Seagull2012 September Signature  Bistro2012 September Mainly Drinks2012 September Tour Stop Clear Lake2012 August Last Minute Uploads2012 August Beats & Boxing2012 August Scout Bar2012 August TAACL Moving Sale2012 August Katie's2012 August Latitudes2011 August Cockeyed Seagull2012 August Union Tavern2012 2nd MidSummer Luau2012 August TAACL2012 August Baytown July 4th Celebration2012 August T-Bone Tom's2012 July Katie's2012 July Outriggers2012 July Texas Outlaw Challenge2012 July Scout Bar2912 July Noah's Ark2012 July Mainly Drinks2012 League City Kurland Street Band2012 July Jackie's Brickhouse2012 July Cullen's2012 July Cockeye'd Seagull2012 July Jackie B's2012 July Dempsey's2012 Honky Tonk Queens2012 June Amadeus2012 June T-Bone Tom's2012 June Crazy Alan's Swampshack2012 June Signature Bistro2012 June Team Tassie Benefit2012 June Jackie's Brickhouse2012 June Will Play For Food2012 June Cockeyed Seagull2012 June Scout Bar2012 May Rest Of The Best2012 April Best of the Rest2012 May Roger's2012 May Fatty's2012 May Katie's2012 May Jackie's Brickhouse2012 May Galveston Bay Keeper2012 May Cockeyed Seagull2012 May Bayview Duck2012 May T-Bone Tom's2012 May Kemah Crawfish Festival2012 April - Cockeyed Seagull2012 April - Claudio's New Place2012 April T-Bone Tom's2012 Clear Lake Crawfish Festival2012 Kemah Pan Jam2012 April - Crazy Alan's Swampshack2012 April - Jackie's Brickhouse2012 April - Maribelle's2012 April - Pier 272012 April - Big Ben's Tavern 1st Year Anniversary2012 April - Scout Bar2012 April - Mediterraneo2012 April - La Brisa2012 April - Signature Bistro2010 April - Mainly Drinks2012 January Best of the Rest2012 February Best of the Rest2012 March Best of the Rest2012 World Championship BBQ Cookoffs2012 March Cockeyed Seagull2012 March Cullen's2012 March Maribelle's2012 March Roger's Bar & Grill2012 March Scout Bar2012 March Jackie's Brickhouse2012 March Epicurean Evening2012 February Cullen's2012 February Scout Bar2012 February Cockeyed Seagull2012 February Dempsey's2012 February Katie's2012 February Mamacita's2012 February Jackie's Brickhouse2012 February Janis Joplin's Birthday Party2012 February Fatty's2012 February Jackie Bs2012 The Songwriters2012 January Palapas2012 January Fatty's2012 January I-10 Productions & Rock Houston Christmas Bash2012 January Roadhouse 1462012 January Katie's2012 January Noah's Ark2012 January Cockeyed Seagull2012 January Scout Bar2012 Highlights2012 Oleander Short Set