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OVER-THE-TOP, MUSIC - There were no bands listed on the lineup for Bert Will's Benefit at Katie's. Simply a signup sheet for anybody in music land who shared a stage or studio with Bert wanting to play. Likewise, there were no playlists prepared beforehand. Yet throughout the afternoon, torrents of sizzling old fashion blues & Cadillac country music poured forth, easily recognizable as being played by inspired musicians in support of an inspiring musician. You don't often get to hear music of this caliber which to these ears, ranked along side with performances heard at memorials for Mean Gene Kelton, Butch Dempsey and Jim Shortt. Get the idea? My favorite was Texas Hall of Famer, Tommie Lee Bradley, spinning the sizzle knobs two twirls past "Bright & Tight, Heavy on the Mojo". In the crowd were friends & family of Bert, lovers of the Blues, and even people from other countries. Kudos to the Katie staff, all the donors, cooks musicians and supporters. The standing room only crowd and generous auctions were supremely organized by Ed (aka KPFT's Blue's Hound) & Cindy Nagle along with DJ Ron Swan (emcee at the Mean Gene Kelton Celebration). Bacliff's Master Minstrel, Benny Brasket donated the hottest auction item, a Bert Wills' dobro. Cheers!

/reprint from The SCENE, July 2011

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