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Like so many of you, I am looking forward to the New Year with its promise of opportunities - But before we do, let's run down a quick list of some of the great live music we took in right before the end of 2013.

HOLIDAY IN THE PARK - In years past, I've covered the annual Dickens on The Strand down in Galveston for it's throwback magic into a day from yesteryear. This year, we wised up and had to go no further than right here in our own back yard at the League City Holiday In The Park with a charm every bit as good and perhaps even better as it was all about our neighbors, community, schools, getting together to enjoy the Season. The annual Parade scores as possibly the largest parade in the area and the showtime magic genuine which in my book, ranks as best. A "Well Done" and "Let's Do This Again Next Year!" mention goes to League City and all who were a part making this annual event perfectly fitting for the Season. Cheers!

Cock & Bull - I've been tracking the action at the weekly Open Mic hosted by Revak and the great staff at Cock & Bull and happy to report this as one solid midweek outing. Musicians and music lovers from across town and around the world have gotten word of this event and coming out to partake of the friendly atmosphere. delightful stage, great food, super service, and fine spirits. Check it out yourself and come hang out awhile!

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS - And that would be Mark May at the newly remade Katie's down in Bacliff. Bands sporting a single lead guitarist of "Channeling Caliber" are always a treat and with Paul Ramirez at the flank, this band sports TWO master guitar channelers. Pretty awesome, eh? This duo, along with Dan Cooper and Ryan Cortez holding down bass & the kit wasted no time taking the music out of dock, out to sea, and straight into outer space much to the delight of music loving fans at the Katie's "Music Lounge". Holidays are about getting together with old friends and enjoying a special live music show simply makes the treat even much better - The December Mark May Show at Katie's was just that. Cheers!

ENTERING THE FIRST TURN - And with 2013 behind us, we set our sites to the new year and with its opportunities waiting to unfold. I am looking forward to catching the many of you at the upcoming local Mardi Gras action and ever onwards into an abundant year of good health, fun, friendship and best of all, some great local live music action in a place we love to call The SCENE.
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