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Well, almost all of 2011...

These are what myself and the editors at The SCENE Magazine consider the nicer shots (Right now, we've mostly images of musicians but eventually, will have the content of faces seen on The SCENE) -- Many of these have appeared in print. If you see yourself and would like a LARGE FORMAT (8x10, 11x14, 16x20, or 20x30), this is the place to get it! We're really excited to make these available!

Musicians, managers, artists and agents desiring a high resolution image for promotional (or whatever) use, drop me a line and let's work out a win-win deal, okay?

This site has one of the nicer on-line slideshows I've seen. Try it out! :-)

PRIVACY POLICY - If there's a shot of you that you wish to have pulled for whatever reason, drop us a line ( and we get it done.
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