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ON TOUR - Goes the Sheila Marshall group to Kuwait this year for a five show tour over the holidays. This is not her first trip visiting the soldiers. Sheila’s last visit was back in January 2010. “It’s a real life changer,” she explained. “These young men and women are truly heroes and I have a new found respect for their sacrifices.” When the opportunity to go back to Kuwait came up, she jumped at the chance. “Getting to perform for the troops is such an honor. We hope to show our great appreciation by bringing a bit of home to them during the holidays with our music.” Sheila is currently promoting her CD “What If I Was”. The CD and title track were produced with the help of Kyle Cook from Matchbox 20. With his guidance, she created a collection of songs that portrays who she is: sincere, passionate and fearless--We've heard her new material and stand by the claim. Speaking of new CDs....

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