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"Let Your Song Be Heard"

"The Songwriters" Song Contest kicked off January with a traveling tour to 42 music stores in 40 cities throughout seven states including a stop at The Guitar Hacienda -- That the event was here speaks for our local talent.

Congratulations to Peter J. Beauchemin (Winner), Rick Valente (Runner Up), and to Zane Wommack who scored himself a spot on an upcoming SXSW stage. These three were chosen to compete at the next online semi final round of voting ( and will get to perform on the featured stage at the finals -- Be sure to stop by and vote for our local winners!

The lyrics we heard this evening from our 15 local finalists were first class and mused the judges the entire evening (Wrecks from the Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Grammy Award winner Brad "The Shredder" Davis, and host Rick Parent). Check out the list of local finalists and hear their stories when you're out on The SCENE!!! Cheers!!!

Janet Z
Eric Wolfe
Steve Lacy
Jim Sullivan
Reuben Maddox
Billy Jack Jones
Zane Wommack (winner of the SXSW feature set)
Roger Wayne Bailey
Mike Coker
Kit Karson
Rick Valente (Runner Up with "Regina")
Myrna Sanders
Michael Burke
David Hargraves
Peter J. Beauchemin (First Place Winner for "On Top")

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