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This Sunday, we went out to check the First Safari Run held by the League City Village Fair & Music Festival. My kid sister had mentioned participating in an event like this so we had to check it out. Wow.... What a BLAST!!! :-)

Parking was a breeze when we arrived and we got to the field just as the first heat was fixing to take off. There were two heats today and lots of action. It's been a long time since I've ever seen so many people having this kind of fun!!! <vbgrin>

Village Fair boss, Steve Lockhardt, filled is in that this event is modeled around the recent popular Warrior Dash ( After competing in a Warrior Dash himself, he simply had to have something similar at the 57th Annual League City event. Turnout for this inaugural race was widespread and ample as two heats of extreme athletes and participants took part. Just how cool was this event? We'll for certain, we'll be keeping our pulse for any future Warrior Dash events in the area and looking forward to seeing what becomes of this race next year...

Live on!


- We uploaded the 5 to 13MB images suitable for printing. If there is a picture you are interested to have recropped or recolorbalanced, drop us a line and we'll look into it.

- This was the first time I ever shot a fast moving outdoor event and with all the action & sunny overcast skies, it was a challenge to say the least. Chatting with a fellow photographer from the Houston Chronicle, he was shooting in RAW for better darkroom control though admitted to shooting just a few of the participants -- He has to print their names and where they're from so shooting too many can be unwieldy. We on the other hand attempted to cover as many of the participants involved so we opted the JPEG route and sure enough, while editing, had our hands full with a few lighting issues -- we see some more light filters in my future. Nonetheless, the efforts by all of the participants was inspirational (and a lot of fun to watch!)

Congrats to all of those who participated -- You all are *truly* awesome!

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