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"TEXAS EQUUSEARCH SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA -- I confess... I knew little about this group ( and what they did but many of you out there know already. We arrived and spotted the band, Thrill Kill & the Real Deal. We only see this great bunch of guys & their entourage at charity fundraiser events so we knew right away this is was a good mojo event. The place was HUGH & PACKED with supporters and volunteers galore. The musicians I spotted in the crowd ranged from alternative bass rocker Rene Coppock, Clear Lake jazzman Abel Salazar and North American singer songwriter Zach Tate and the crowd just as varied. Master of Ceremonies were provided by Dave Ward of ABC 13. Guest Star was NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens. Pretty spiffy, eh? Ed provided a solid delivery of what Equusearch meant to him with an integrity only that a 7-time Pro Bowler and beloved family member could provide. I got it... Many of you there already had it... Let's all get it..."

reprint from THE SCENE, May 2011

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