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What started out with a blur this month points ahead with a clarity and crispness, the likes we've never seen before. We caught Goddess's being Gritty, searched for this year's Ms. Kemah, took a stroll through the Kemah Lighthouse District, and caught some great live music shows-Over the top caliber!!! Best of all, we got to see you out there looking better than ever for which we're ready to set sail into summer and the patio season. But first, let's run down the list of all that went down in May.

OUT AND ABOUT - The Lighthouse District we hiked and found everything running full steam ahead. Dining was at capacity at T-Bone Tom's and Crazy Al's Swamp Shack where we caught for the first time, Trial By Fire and Brian Shane on the two stages. Taking a break we, dropped into Zone 504 for a tall glass of Galactic Coast beer and enjoyed the coolest air conditioning Clear Lake has to offer and caught an interesting show by a new band calling themselves, Flipside. Keep an eye on this group - The folks at Zone 504 have one of the best track records for discovering good new bands. We'll followup as the summer progresses. While we're on the topic of new, we joined up with the Madigan Army for a Rock The Dock show that included a guest performance by Kirk McKim. and caught some of their new playlist you'll rarely if ever get to hear live including: Uninvited (Morrisett), On the Loose (Saga), Hold the Line (Toto), Lights and Line of Fire (Journey). Think hard the last time you've heard those songs played live.... Get the gist? Down the road and around 2094 corner, the ever inventive folks at Jackie's Brickhouse have added fishing tournaments and a running club to their dossier of new and fun stuff, not to mention a fun night with Rat Ranch packing the floor. We're never sure if this is a great live music place that's a lot of fun or a fun place with great live music. One thing's for sure and that you'll always find somebody you know at Jackie's Brickhouse.

The Open Mic scene has shifted around a bit with Cisco taking over at the Cockeyed Seagull's hosting a nice variety of talent on Thursday evenings. In the months ahead, we'll be stopping in at the Golden Sea where Kevin Fenton has started a new Open Mic on Sunday afternoons and also have a return visit to Cabo's Monday night event on our schedule. Stay tuned!

WRONG MEDICATION - Yup, we thought the same thing too stopping in at Latitudes to get are attitude adjusted where we happened upon this nifty garage band that includes: Jim Ballard (drums), Steve Hicks & Steve Higginbotham (guitars) and George Hernandez (bass). That and they all carry vocals to boot. In their words, this is a group that "specialize in twisting and turning the old songs you've heard all of your life to (their) specifications". In our words, this is a fun street party ready band that's been one well kept secret down in the village of San Leon. We spent the evening that included dinner, a bucket of beer, a couple music sets and left totally satisfied. Give it a try: Attitude + Latitudes + Wrong Medication = A Good Mix!

TOUR STOP CLEAR LAKE - Was most unique at Scout Bar this month at the Memorial Day 94.5FM Buzz Night with the return of Saturate and The Hunger from nationwide jaunts across the U.S. with the likes of 10 Years, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace & Bush. Not too shabby, eh? Home town fans at the show got a nights worth as the returning musicians carried home incredible momentum and elevated energy marking the night as perhaps the show to top for 2013. New to our ears that night was opener, Saturn Never Sleeps with an appearance by Brian Carrion who happened to be home for the weekend. Steve Trimble, presented a set of beat sounds as unique as his hanging art we typically associate with Trimble. If your into beats and spot Saturn Never Sleeps, check it out!

Loco y Divertido - Which would be nothing other than the 11th Oleanders Party. Andy & Vicki had the sanctuary in great shape and full bloom, the music sizzled with Fuzzy Side Up, What Is Hip, Andy and The Dreamsicles, The Kick Ass Brass, and Crossroads. Oleander Party Fans, veterans and rookies alike, are simply amongst the greatest in the world when it comes to having a crazy good time which qualifies this rite of Summer Passage as a SCENE benchmark event. Cheers to a great second decade!

LOVELY TO SEE YOU AGAIN - Another SCENE live music benchmark event went down in May as principals of the all volunteer musicians known to us as the Fab 40, pulled off an incredible show helping commemorate the 5th year of Discovery Greens featuring songs from the Moody Blues. The performance was dedicated in memory of Stephen Arthur, a core member of the group and a bonafide friend of many. With a play list of 30 songs, the huge appreciative crowd not only enjoyed classic hits but also were treated to several obscure yet fundamentally pivotal numbers of this favorite British band. This show is a continuation of similar notable efforts headed up by Dave Blassingame who's vita includes Tommy, Jesus Christ Superstar, several Beatles shows, Pet Sounds, and now this. Charlie Burris and Barry Shatswell did a great job treating our ears to keyboard & synthesizer sounds of authentic fidelity and rare on the regional live music scene, the vocal line & orchestra pit were inspiring, the guitars & percussion sections delivered with authority and the flashbacks were surreal & abundant under the downtown Houston skyline all cumulating what should easily score, in the voice of the late Jim Shortt, "Bravo!"
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