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In conjunction with the American Legion Post 490 Auxiliary Unit, the ROTC Aviation Cadet Program and the Boy Scouts of America, the La Porte Airport hoted the 3rd Annual La Port Texas Air & Auto Show to honor and support our troops with care packages.

This event was a great opportunity to educate our children about aviation and how it has served us se well for transportation, inspiration, protection and sport.

4237 - Jay Aslaksen of Clear Lake, 1928 Chevy National AB, Car owned by Beth Aslaksen

3255 - Clint Hafer of Bay Town, preparing a 1923 Ford Altered T, owned by Glenda & Gary Hafer of Baytown

4269 & 4270 - PT-17 Stearman Trainer. L-R Pilot Carlos Ortiz and Ground Crew Team of Keven McGowan and Robert Burger

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