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THE JASON DANFORD ANNUAL BIRTHDAY BASH - went down at Big Ben's Tavern this year. This event has grown considerably over the 10 years Jason started celebrating his birthday and the staff at Big Ben's were simply beyond outstanding keeping the bevvies flowing and the setting pleasant for the over 450 friends, family & regulars of this event. With over 3,300 pounds of the Louisiana style mudbugs consumed, you can do the math and we're sure you'll get the same answer as everybody, that this is one serious eating event! Erik Garza (Pirates Radio) has been busy starring in his new roll as "Dad" and summoned the band which to our ears, really took it up a level in dynamics, presence, tempo and taste. Very well played! Special props go to Rick and Sherrie Williams, Diana's friends, for pulling off the serious cooking and serving. If their names our familiar, you're right -- Many of you probably worked with them back in the hay-days of aerospace before moving on and making their fortunes elsewhere.

And speaking of fortunes...

Reprint from The SCENE, May 2012

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