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7714-7761 Carol Brouwer, PhD - Harris County Extension Agent, Spring Vegetable Gardening for the Texas Gulf Coast

7696 - Sid Kapner

7692 - Shirley Jackson


From Their Website:

Master Gardeners are volunteers for Texas AgriLife Extension Service. They are trained by AgriLife Extension to assist Extension in reaching its mission to bring relevant, research-based information in horticulture to the public.

Master Gardeners certified in Harris County by AgriLife Extension can become members of the Harris County Master Gardener Association (HCMGA). HCMGA is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 incorporated association affiliated with the Texas AgriLife Extension Service in Harris County and the Texas A&M System.
Master Gardeners answer gardening questions on the phones (281.855.5613) and in person, and maintain testing and demonstration gardens at the AgriLife Extension office located in Bear Creek Park. The Master Gardeners at Precinct 2, a satellite group of Harris County Master Gardeners, maintain the Genoa Friendship Garden, a production and demonstration garden located at the Harris County Precint 2 Road Camp located in Pasadena, TX. Master Gardener training classes, conducted by AgriLife Extension, are held at both locations.

Master Gardeners hold six plant sales a year in Harris County to raise funds to assist AgriLife Extension in its educational mission. Specifically, the funds are used to support the school Cylinder Gardening program that teaches youth to raise their own vegetables, promote the Junior Master Gardener program in Harris County, maintain the gardens at both locations, provide educational workshops and informational displays to the public and a variety of other educational activities.

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