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THE HEAT IS ON - And so we joined you good people taking it to some of the cooler places on the beat this month. Starting with Mainly Drinks up in the La Porte, Hank Wolfe was laying out tunes you've likely heard over the decades - All refreshingly reinterpreted with Hank's touch of eclectic jazz, syncopation, and twang giving new life to familiar favorites. Mainly Drinks is one of our favorite spots providing the perfect atmosphere to get out and catch up with friends - Signature class & speaking of which...

SIGNATURE BISTRO - Has securely become a perfect corner spot many of you SCENE readers frequent for the entire evening of fine dining or simply for a quick refreshing pop. Adding to the fine recipes at this cozy hideaway is its intimate live music settings where we caught up with the omni present David Schwope playing nothing but requests from the audience, got the latest scoop on Jeff Tillman's plans to return to the stage, and were blown away with Phyllis Griffn's belting out "Summertime" that would bring down walls. Pretty cool, eh? Speaking of cool....

PIER 27 - Is one of the several cool places on the SCENE to hide from the summer heat and boy, don't many of you know that! This month, we finally got our chance to catch the full lineup of an awesome group, SoulPride, who describes themselves as " ...a six piece, power-house party band celebrating Texas Funk, Soul, Rock and Blues.High Energy, Exceptional crowd interaction." We describe them as one blistering unit of cohesive chemistry that can hit you from so many angles (a good thing) and a group we're pretty positive, mostly sure, and willing to bet money that Jim Shortt would rave over. Got it? Catch a SoulPride show!

BACK ON THE BEAT - We stopped into Cullen's and caught some Kaos this month. Much like the area, both have changed and both are still at it. We'll keep you posted on what's up at this favorite Space Center hideaway in the the months ahead. Down in Bacliff, we stopped in at Katie's where the staff is ever friendly and music lovers can catch the best R&B with never a cover. This month, we enjoyed The Pee Wee Bowen Band laying it all out - Heart, soul, power, pop & pizazz... Over the years this band has shared the stage with Jimmy Reed, Chuck Berry, Cookie & The Cupcakes, Junior Parker and Roy Orbison making for great credentials. Our position stands - If you're needing a dose of true R&B, get your fix at Katie's!

NEW OPEN MIC - And that would be every Sunday afternoon at Golden Seafood. Hosted by Kevin Fenton, SCENE readers can score fresh seafood eats and listen to some of the best local talent as they collaborate, test drive, and roll out their new music projects. This month, we caught Frank Parrot (of Cafe Blonde days), Billy Gilbert, Steve Shannon, Hank Wolf, Cindy Peterson, Ralinda Fenton before having to split. After just this one visit, we'll come out now and declare the Golden Seafood Open Mic with Kevin Fenton, as SCENE-Ready for good food and music. Check it out!

ON FUN - SCENE readers often think of Scout Bar as the place for music of the hard & gritty genre. A couple recent shows proves this nationally recognized venue also has a taste for levity . Many of you have taken in a Spazmatics show and if you can, may we also recommend Metalachi? Seriously..... Their Facebook cover pose may take you aback but in all seriousness, this is band from Los Angeles can put a grin on the face of the most serious of hard rock trooper out there - Catch them the next time you can and get your grin on!

WILL PLAY FOR FOOD II -Two stages, second year running, Scout Bar was the place, pizza by Dan's was on site, good vendor booths on hand, bigger crowds & proceeds going to the Houston & Galveston Food Bank. Pretty good, eh? Chris Hardy and the entire village has this gig down pat and working smooth (a measure many large event organizers dream of). An abundance of musical and artistic talent fills the air with creativity and mingling with so many of the like in a single location sets this event above others The SCENE will be collaborating with Hardy and folks in the months ahead to assemble photo galleries of this cool event - Stay tuned!

PIRATES & POETS - The place is T-Bone Tom's, where the service is always outstanding, the food ever good, and the music plentiful. We've been following this monthly event, hosted by Jerry Diaz, and delighted to report its growing popularity. This month, Jerry's guests included Jim Hoehn (Wisconsin) and James "Sunny Jim" White (Florida) for a night of songs, stories, and fun. Barry suggests you arrive early to get a good seat, and to enjoy T-Bone Tom's great "Happy Hour & A Half" that starts at 5PM, which is clearly good with us and good many of you. See you out there!

NEW BAND REPORT - For us which would be The Classix, a project by Michael Aguilar (La Mafia). Not just a cover band but a band playing the top covers of the day, it seemed fitting catching this band at Jackie's Brickhouse along with their Wednesday night dinner crowd. The annual crawfish campaign is over which means summer is here and that means fun under the palapa and with that, we've Jackie's Brickhouse on our radar - See you there!

A PLACE WHERE IT ALL BEGAN - would be at the Clifton's By The Sea landmark. Over the decades, people from far and near would gather at the landmark to enjoy live music and the serenity of Galveston Bay. Today, people can experience that same joy at Pod Zu's, which is exactly what we did catching Wood & Wind on the stage. The new layout spreads out nicely giving the eclectic duet's sound plenty of room to mingle & mix with the gentle Gulf breezes. About the food - Each time we've been here, we've had the boiled shrimp and been most delighted with the generous portions and authentic flavor . Good sound, good air, and good food all makes good sense to us....

IT'S A WRAP - This past month, we've enjoyed your conversation, some good food and lots of great music with many of you good people. We've enjoyed hearing how you're making things happen, and looking forward to hearing more in the upcoming months. On the big scale, summer solstice is behind us meaning from here on, the days start getting shorter and before you know it, we'll be watching football but first, let's have a great summer, okay? See you out there!!!
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