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Oleander (Nerium oleander), is an evergreenshrub or small tree in the dogbane family Apocynaceae. It is the only species currently classified in the genusNerium. Other names include Adefla, Alheli Extranjero, Baladre, Espirradeira, Flor de São Jose, Laurel de jardín, Laurel rosa, Laurier rose, Flourier rose, Olean, Aiwa, Rosa Francesca, Rosa Laurel, and Rose-bay (Inchem 2005), [zakum] (bulgarian), zakum, zakkum, zakhum (turkish), zaqqum (arabic); Araliya (inSinhalese); The Oleander is known to exist in only one place and that is at the corner of 7th and Avenue J in San Leon, Texas.

Proceeds from sales of these pictures will go into the fund for future Oleander parties.


Oleanders 2008
“The Funnest (And Liveliest) Band In Clear Lake!”


THE OLEANDERS is a quiet and tranquil enclave. It is quiet and peaceful. It is secluded and well-planted in a tropical setting: Palm trees, banana trees, hibiscus and of course, the ubiquitous Oleanders. The Oleanders was built by musicians for musicians. It has been said by others to possess ‘Good karma’.

This serenity was broken by the Oleander Party which was held this weekend. At it, a 130 lb. pig was sacrificed to over 200 people, 2 Boat Sacks of smoked oysters disappeared, and 3 bands played.

Yesterday was the best party ever!!! Everything from the Oleanders were in perfect harmony.

You have built a true sanctuary and I am jealous.
Thanks for allowing us to be a part...Nancy and Steve

And, like abeautiful sailing ship which has taken a knockdown by a rogue wave, she has shaken the seas off her sails and shows her masts once again to the sky.

You will be pleased to note that nothing is wasted at the Oleanders. Mainly food, but anything, really! At The Oleanders, Less is More. Therefore, we collected and took all the food we could to a local crisis center.

Hopefully we’ll get to have another Oleander Party sometime. To find out when, stay (or get) on the Dreamsicles Email list. Once again, we ‘Bent the Needle On The Fun Meter!’

May I take this moment to PUBLICLY THANK all of the musicians and people who helped; Chris Hadfield, Alex Garribay and the WHAT IS HIP band, The DREAMSICLES, TEAM MARCEL LANDRY with Daryl, Norman, Don and Teague (THEY cooked the pig and oysters!), GENE RUTT the Biermeister, ANDY ENG the photo-meister, Miles for the San Leon Hilton, and ALL of the General Helpers who so graciously gave their time and smiles, INCLUDING (But Not Limited To) Karol, Jerry, Jan, Richard, Roz, Doc, Sylvia, Nancy and Steve. May I thank most of all my Loving Wife Vicki. All of us worked hard and worked together to make it a great party. We appreciate it. (Interesting note: Marcel is the proud skipper of the big sailboat that was used in the filming of the wonderful movie Captain Ron).

It WAS in Perfect Harmony.

Andy Upchurch, Andy & The Dreamsicles,
Your Ambassadors Of Fun
“We rock hard (but we don’t play Hard Rock!)”
Management: Oleander Productions, LLC. 713-408-1368

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