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In April, we touched on several aspects of The SCENE as never before. We enjoyed chatting with you, hearing your thoughts, and your company. And guess what? We've another great month planned ahead but first, let's run down on some of what went down.

BACK ON THE BEAT - Things were happening again at FLOYD'S 8th Annual Parking Lot Party. It was great seeing many of you at this all age event and in the years we've been going, the weather has always been perfect to go along with the fun, food, and live music. Fred Linton has been on a semi hiatus with his downtown gig for the past while yet arranged a fantastic live music lineup this year including The Downloads.(Blues, Rock & Country), Funksion (Funk & Soul), and bringing it home was Jaba & The Southside Playboys. The Downloads show was a unique treat that you won't see unless you are a Cruisers weekly Sunday Jam regular. As a jam band, this nifty group was as tight as a band should be with solo licks that were strong and unique - All Star Level... We've added The Downloads to our watch list and suggest you do the same. As far as front rolls are concerned, I'm convinced that Funksion has two of the best with Frankie Halma Edwards and Mike Larant ever consistently giving it their all on top of one of the area's most solid funk gigs going. Three great groups in one afternoon with the class and quality I'm sure would've kept the great Jim Shortt going for hours on end (and *that's* a good thing!)

POUR IT ON - When we spotted Chris Elliot and Billy Bourbon on the ticket at Roger's Bar & Grill for an acoustic evening, we knew we had to go. Next time you see such a ticket, take it. We've been following these two frontmen for years in the area with their respective bands and the idea of these two together was intriguing. Free from the discipline of a bass and drum, Elliott & Bourbon proceeded to pour it on the spot with no playlist, yet serving up an end-to-end medley of crisp & inventive, classic cover interpretations. The Roger's music hall carried a perfect reverb and sound quality on the evening we went lending to intelligent conversations and socializing amongst friends. Had one needed a creative space, Roger's Bar & Grill was the place, Elliot & Bourbon was the group, and the moment was on The SCENE...

THE KICK ASS BRASS - A few months ago, we got word that Andy and The Dreamsicles was plugging in a horn section into their tight modularized band and boy did they ever. Jackie's Brickhouse was the place where we caught The Kick Ass Brass made up of Jonathon "Boy Wonder" Starnes on trumpet, Don "The Bone" Bonner on sax, and Jack Pitcock on trombone. One smoking hot summer is our forecast for all you Dreamsicle fans out there and some new boogying dancing shoe is our suggestion.

PIRATES & POETS - Last month, we covered the first of this new series at T-Bone Tom's (hosted by Jerry Diaz) and ran a followup this month. clearing the way to declaring this 3rd Wednesday of the month event good-to-go for all on any occasion - All you need to do is grab a table. This month, Jerry's guest included Galen Medlenka, Chad Ware, Steve Johnson, and Sheila Marshall. The Jerry, Galen & Chad set was an incredible delight as the three effortlessly synched onto each other's originals with a fun freshness that was musically well into Magic Territory. If that wasn't enough, each song writer shared with the audience with perhaps the most important part of the song which would be "Why" - Often a provocative, mindful or sometimes simply a clever whimsical thought, which good readers, is music. Check it out!

60'S HIPPIE PARTY - As the decade of the 60's celebrates its 50th trip around the sun, the fun continues with Hourglass at the annual 60's party at the Cockeyed Seagull. Texas Radio Hall of Famer, Lee Jolly, joined the band this year and the turnout was larger than ever making head of the contest judging event, David Schwope's job a fun challenge. This annual event continues to grow each year with Revak on the sound & light desk (cameras love lights) and Hourglass ever adding time tested classics to the play list - When's the last time you heard a band pull off Pinball Wizard? This is one fun annual event and along with everybody else, looking forward to it again next year! Speaking of the time tested...

LOVE YOUR MOTHER - which would be your Mother Earth as we dropped in at the Annual Armand Bayou Nature Center Fund Raiser this month. Over 200 supporters were in attendance celebrating our nature center gem. Spinning it up on the entertainment stage was Johnny and the Spinsations, a nifty 50's & 60's Sock Hop band that we've never seen before that included Jon Bouch (vocals) David & Ethan Marshall (Lead guitar & bass), Patrick Waites (guitar), and Danny Patterson (drums). Also serenading the turnout was String Theory (Amelia & Raul Blanco on bass & Mandolin, Craig Dinsmore & Louie Sellers on the six strings) taking it back to the days of Gospel, Bluegrass & Folk, which we all know served as the fundamental stepping stones for what was to become Rock & Roll. Those partaking spanned perhaps the largest range of generations, civic, and commercial participation we've seen this year, all for a great cause and to that end, qualifies for Over The Top mention. Cheers!!!

TOUR STOP CLEAR LAKE - Thomas and the great folks at Scout Bar continue to bring in great shows to our area and providing the opportunity for our local acts to share the stage. This month, an audience from across the region gathered at Scout Bar for multi platinum group, Candlebox and their 20th Anniversary Tour 2013, a major milestone by any measure. Opening for Candlebox included Lost Element, The Last Hour, and Dimitri's Rail - Pretty cool on the resume, eh? Frontman, Kevin Martin, did up a great job along with the entire band belting it out all evening long, connecting with the audience, and truly celebrating their 20 year achievement. Tour Stop, Clear Lake - Where else but Scout Bar!

LOOKING AHEAD - With April Showers comes May Flowers so the saying goes. What we know is from the past years, we've got some of the area's best weather in the month ahead which means patio season, time to get your chores done, grab a copy of The SCENE and check it out! See you out there!
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