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Photo 5301 - Keven Fenton
Photo 5448 - L-R "Stix", Kevin Fenton, Claudia Hammond, Lee Jolly, Jerry Hamric

The Gilligan Family:

Photo 5371 L-Dave, Mike, Karen , Karen R., Weezie

Photo 5546 Front Jaynie,Karen, Weezie, Karei, R.
Rear Mike & Dave

Photo 5402 - Jayne & Mike

Photo 5540 - Mike & Jayne

On March 5th, 2013, Emanuel Gilligan, son of local musician Mike Gilligan, was leaving a bank and was shot at close range. The bullet caused extensive damage to his spinal cord. He recently arrived back to the United States from his home in Rio where he raised his family for the past 16 years. A benefit, organized by Kevin Fenton and a cast of volunteers was held at the 18th Street Fishing Pier to help the family with medical costs as he works to regain use of his legs.

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