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BACARDI PARTY - No real shots of interest. A few of the key players for reference. Party used to research race.

HMR Start - File Photos: These are exclusive shots from the 2011 race. Note that these were taken from the Gulf Of Mexico facing shore (nobody else other than John Ennis and myself have taken photos of the race start from that vantage point) Some of the horizon shots has pretty reasonable crispness for close cropping. Naturally, the lighting was the challenge.



HARVEST MOON REGATTA - Originally started as a fun event to thank Galveston Bay racers, this annual race has grown in popularity averaging over 200 boats a year and 1800 participants (sailors and ground crews) from across the nation. The effort to pull off a race of this magnitude would be impossible with out the help of the 200 volunteers and 20 subcommittees handling everything from logistics, race timers and merchandise including over 20,000 shirts.

Aside from getting to sail on what are typically the finest sailing days of the year, sailors via for the Commodore's Trophy, the Bacardi Cup, the Bill Hall Memorial Trophy, the Founder's Award for Overall Multihull winner, and the Judy Liebenthal Robinson Ovarian Cancer Foundation trophies,

This race boasts an high level of safety achievement due mainly in part to the extensive safety training sessions held for the sailors at the Lakewood Yacht Club.

The race from Clear Lake to Port Aransas requires the coordination with six different U.S. Coast Guard jurisdictions and in recent years, has served to provide awareness to ovarian cancer which took the life of longtime sailor, Judy Liebenthal Robinson.
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