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2014 December - Cockeyed Seagull2014 December - Cock & Bull2014 December - Chaisin' Tails2014 December Jackie's Brickhouse - Greg Tillman2014 December Jackie's Brickhouse - Fab 52014 December T-Bone Tom's - Van Wilkes w/ Wood & Wind2014 December Claudio's - Abel Salazar2014 December R&R Sports Bar - Rush Creek Band2014 December Friends Pub - Gift Card Millionaires2014 November Crazy Alan's Swampshack - Blue Moon2014 November Zone 504 - Risky Business2014 November Katie's Luther & The Healers2014 November T-Bone Tom's The Line Up2014 Seabrook Festival of the Arts - Myrna Sanders Band2014 November Scout Bar - Flock of Seagulls2014 November Jackie's Brickhouse2014 College of the Mainlands2014 November Scout Bar - Fly LeafIn From The Cold2014 October Scout Bar2014 October Jackie's Brickhouse2014 October Monkey Bar2014 October Crazy Alan's Swampshack2014 OctoberT-Bone Tom's2014 October Sherlock's2014 October Katie's2014 October Noah's2014 October Lazy Lizard Lounge2014 Benefit for Mike Bright2014 David Schwope's 60th2014 September Thompson Benefit2014 September Mainly Drinks2014 September Benefit for Summer Jones2014 September Seabrook Music Festival2014 September Faux Paws2014 September Cock & Bull2014 September Donny's Six Oh2014 Rendezbrew2014 Album Reviews2014 August Benefit for Elam2014 August La Hacienda2014 August Jackie's Brickhouse2014 August Katie's2014 August Noah's Ark2014 August T-Bone Tom's2014 August Cockeyed Seagull2014 August Baytown 4th of July - Kansas & 4 Barrel Ramblers2014 July Claudio's2014 July Zone 5042014 July Will Play For Food Vol 32014 July Jackie B's2014 July Jackie's Brickhouse2014 July Cock & Bull2014 July Katies2014 Crazy Al's Swampshack2014 July T-Bone Toms2014 July Scout Bar2014 July Continental Club2014 Oleander Bands2014 Oleanders2014 June Village Fair2014 June Katie's2014 June Skally's2014 June Scout Bar2014 June Cockeyed Seagull2014 June Jackie's Brickhouse - Fab 52014 Sherlock's BrewFest2014 May Scout Bar2014 May Claudio's2014 May Jackie's Brickhouse2014 May Cockeyed Seagull2014 May Cock & Bull2014 May Wonder Women Show2014 May Floyd's 9th Annual Parking Lot Party2014 April Cock & Bull2014 April Scout Bar2014 April Top Water Grill2014 April Cockeyed Seagull2014 April Dempsey's2014 April Zone 5042014 April T-Bone Tom's2014 April Sherlock's2014 April Katie's2014 April Jackie's Brickhouse2014 March Scout Bar2014 March T-Bone Tom's2014 Feb Super Bowl Paper Football Championship2014 Feb Cockeyed Segull2014 Feb Mainly Drinks2014 Feb Scotty's Pub2014 Feb Scout Bar2014 Feb Roger's Bar & Grill2014 January Katie's2014 January Cock & Bull